La nostra Vision

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Who we are

WEIN VINOWINE is one of the leading brands of the company ENOTRADE ITALY sas distributor of wines, spirits and beers of the best selections available on the market. Founded by Andrea Vanni in Merano in 2000, with a new office opened in Siena, in Tuscany, in 2011. The holder is part of the tasting commission for the Merano wine Festival, the event par excellence well known in all Europe, dedicated to high quality wine.

Our staff

... are sommeliers and wine evangelist and supported by a network of partners which do their best to meet the needs of all the customers speaking Italian, English, French, German and Spanish . We guarantee a careful personalized and accurate service. 

I territori e le cantine

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La nostra selezione di vini

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To ensure that products purchased by you arrive in your possession under the best conditions , we signed an agreement with a leader of the transport sector  BRT Express Currier. 

Thisguarantees thatthe goodsyou have purchasedispackedwith the utmost care. The cost of shippingvaries depending onthe destination and theweight of the goods. (for example,+6 bottles of winepackaging,have a weight ofabout 8.5kg).Shipmentsaremonitoredthrough the websiteof the shipper(BRT) andif the parcelnot arrivebroken ortampered within any caseyou can pick upthe goodssigning the bill"subject to control", in this wayyouwill be able tocheckits contentsand inform usonany abnormalities.

Incase ofanomalieswillcharge onlythe goodsin good condition orwewill resend the damaged products. The couriermay NOTdeliverwine orother alcoholic beveragesto persons under18years, andin case of doubtmay requirea photo IDto verify the age. The courierwill deliverthe goodsduring office hourson weekdays(working), so we suggest thatyousendthe goodsto an addresswhereat thistimethere issomeone who canpick up the package(for example: in the office, in the shop,froma neighbor, etc...). The courierwill try to delivertwice, in casethe first attemptis notsuccessful,youwill becontacted by the courierto arrangethe dayand time slotfor the seconddelivery attempt. Willnotdeliver to PO boxes.



Delivery of the shipment are:
• 24 hours for the north-central Italy,
• 48 hours for small towns and the rest of Italy,
• 72 hours for the smaller islands and Livigno (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).

If the order amount does not exceed €?, ??, Apply the following shipping rates:

  0 to 5 KG 6 to10 Kg  11 to 25 Kg  26 to 50 Kg  51 to 75 Kg  76 to 100 Kg
Italy € 9,50 € 10,90 € 12,50 € 14,70 € 22,10 € 27,10
Calabria € 10,90 € 11,90 € 13,90 € 19,30 € 31,20 € 40,10
Sicily € 10,90 € 11,90 € 13,90 € 20,50 € 33,70 € 43,10
Sardinia € 9,90 € 11,50 € 12,90 € 18,10 € 29,10 € 37,40

Shipmentsfor whichwas chosenby the customersthe optionofinsuranceitself,will have a surchargeof 4% of the sumof the products purchased.


For shipments abroad,contact your local officeofMerano, to have the updated price.

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